I have NFTs from other platforms, can I list them on Openlake?

Yes, you can transfer or sell any ERC721 NFTs purchased or created from other platforms.

Go to openlake.io. Register for an Openlake account first, and connect your wallet containing ERC721 NFTs with your Openlake account. Openlake will instantly synchronize ERC721 NFTs in your wallet and add them in your Openlake account. Contracts and detailed info subjected to your ERC721 NFTs will be synchronized as well. You can check them in “Account”-> “All NFTs”.

If your ERC721 NFT contracts are released from the wallet you connected with Openlake, you will be able to manage the ERC721 NFT Collection. Openlake will automatically create the respective Collection and synchronize Collection details such as Collection Royalty.

During synchronization, if a failure occurs due to difference in contracts, you can contact Openlake via [email protected] We will be reaching out to you ASAP.