[Tutorial] How do I create an NFT on openlake


  1. Valid Openlake Account

2. Connect Wallet to Openlake Account

Step 1: Create NFT Collection

Notice: You MUST create a collection first if you want to create NFT works.

1.1. Click “Create” in the top right.

1.2. Click “Create Collections”.

1.3. Fill in the required information.

1.4. Set your royalty ratio.

If you want to know how royalties work on Openlake, please click here https://blog.debase.ai/2021/06/17/what-is-royalty/

1.5. Add social media links for your collection and fill in the description. You can modify after created.

1.6. Click create and complete signature on wallet.

1.7. Success. You can check or modify your collection details via the “Settings” label on your collection.

Step 2: Create NFT

2.1. Go to “Account”→ “NFT Asset”→ “Collections”. Choose the collection you want to create from.

2.2. Click “Add Work”.

2.3. Choose the form of the NFT you want to create. (Picture, Audio, Video, 3D model, etc.)

2.4. Fill in the required information.

2.5. Fill in Asset Description (optional).

2.6. Fill in Asset Attribute (optional).

2.7. Click Create

Congratulations! You have successfully created an NFT!

2.8. You can find the created NFTs in “Account”→ “NFT Asset”→ “All NFTs ”.

Also, you can check or modify your work details via the “Edit” label on your work.

If you want to learn about how to sell your NFTs, Click here.