[Tutorial] How do I list an NFT in fixed price?

It is simple to list an NFT through Openlake. Before the tutorial, make sure that you have completed wallet initialization.

Step.1: Select the NFT asset you want to sell

1.1. Go to “Account”→ “NFT Asset”→ “All NFTs”. Click “Sell”.

1.2. Click “Sell”.

Step.2: Complete information and signature

2.1. Select “Fixed Price”.

2.2. Complete information and click “Next”.

2.3. Set Reward Ratio (Optional).

The Team Reward System is used as a promotional tool. Once you set reward ratio for your item, users who help you promote and make a deal will receive promotion yield. This will increase exposure of you item and encourage trades. Enabling this function is highly recommended.

2.4. Click “Sell” to complete signature via wallet.

Item is listed! People can purchase it via direct buy price now!

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