[Tutorial] How do I open an account and connect with wallet?

Step 1: Metamask Installation

(You can skip step 1 if you have created and installed your own crypto wallet.)

1.1. Open Chrome Web Store, search and install Metamask.

1.2. Import your existing wallet using a Secret Recovery Phrase.

(If you do not have a wallet, please create a new wallet according to Metamask guidelines.)

1.3. Enable Chrome extension highlight.

1.4. Connect to Ethereum Mainnet.

(It might show “Not connected” at this point. Please don’t worry and we will show you how to connect with Openlake.)

Step 2: Account Registration

(You can skip step 2 if you already have an Openlake account.)

2.1. Open openlake.io and click “Login” in the top right.

2.2. Click ” Register now”.

2.3. Enter your email address and password.

Make sure it’s a strong password! Confirm your information and click “Register”.

2.4. Enter the Captcha sent to your email and click “Activate”.

Now you have successfully completed the registration. Welcome to Openlake!

Step 3: Wallet connection

3.1. Log in to your Openlake account.

3.2. Your wallet is not connected to Openlake if you see this reminder on the top. Click on “Connect”.

3.3. You will receive a connection request from Metamask. Follow the process and complete connection.

Now your wallet has successfully connected to the Openlake website. You need to connect your wallet with your Openlake account now.

3.4. Click on “Connect” on the reminder. You will be directed to the “Wallet” page. Click on “Connect” again.

Notice: One account can only be connected with one wallet. No modification can be made after connection. Please confirm the right wallet before connecting with your Openlake account.

3.5. You will receive a signature request from Metamask. Follow the steps and complete signature.

3.6. If you see this page, you have successfully connected your wallet with your Openlake account.

Congratulations! Enjoy your time on Openlake!