[Tutorial] How do I initialize my wallet?

It is mandatory that the wallet be initialized with Openlake’s smart contract before it can create NFTs. The initialization process is to register your wallet to the proxy smart contract. There will be transaction fee (mining fee) incurred by the Ethereum network.

1. Transaction Fee

1.1. Add funds to your wallet account.

Notice: Make sure you have sufficient funds in the wallet to complete the initialization process.

There are 3 ways of adding funds to your wallet:

  • Directly via MetaMask: Buy Ethereum with a debit card or Apple Pay by clicking “Add funds” in MetaMask.
  • Exchange: Huobi, Binance etc. (Buy ETH from OTC on Huobi and transfer it to MetaMask.)
  • Third party wallet: imToken etc.

2. Wallet Initialization

(You can skip this part if you have completed initialization.)

2.1. Go to openlake.io → “Account”→ “Wallet”.

2.2. Click “Initialize Now”.

2.3. You will be directed to your wallet.

2.4. Follow the steps and pay the required transaction fee via MetaMask.

2.5. Make the payment and complete the initialization.

Congratulations! Your wallet initialization is completed. Enjoy trading on Openlake!