Openlake Upgrades NFT Smart Contracts to SKIFF

To enhance user experiences in NFT trading, Openlake has completed the upgrade to the COOS SKIFF smart contract. All NFT transactions on Openlake including purchase, sale, and transfer of NFTs, will all be processed by the COOS SKIFF smart contracts. The COOS SKIFF transaction smart contract includes the COOS SKIFF Exchange (Responsible for NFT transactions), COOS SKIFF PROXY (Responsible for NFT accounts management), and COOS SKIFF 1155 (Responsible for ERC1155).

Openlake Skiff is a decentralized protocol that can be deployed on networks such as ETH, MATIC, BSC and FLOW. One of the core NFT functionalities is the underlying transaction smart contract, which is responsible for the creation, transaction, accounting, and transfer of NFT based on ERC721 and ERC1155.

The Openlake Skiff protocol supports mainstream blockchain networks such as ETH, MATIC, BSC, and FLOW. The NFT platform can use the Openlake Skiff protocol to issue and trade NFTs on networks including ETH, MATIC, BSC and FLOW.

Openlake will continuously optimize its services to better serve the NFT world.