[Tutorial] How to complete Artist Verification on Openlake?

This tutorial will guide you through the artist verification process. Complete artist verification will help you better promote your works on Openlake.

STEP1: Go to “Verification”

1.1. Log in to your Openlake account

1.2. Find “Verification” in “Account”

1.3. Click “Verify Now”

STEP2: Complete verification information

Name: Enter your real name or stage name. Your name will display on the verification page.

Creation Category: Enter your creation category. Other users can view your creation category. Search through creation category will be enabled soon.

Contact Info: Enter your mobile phone number and email address. (We suggest you to leave your work email address. Our staff may contact you for verification.)

*Contact information will be kept strictly confidential. For details, please refer to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

STEP3: Submit Verification

After submission, our staff will contact you within 1-5 working days to verify artist information. If you have any questions or concerns, you can email [email protected]

STEP4: Verification completed

Information is verified and confirmed. Artist Verification passed.

Artist Page after verification. A “Verified” label will display along with artist’s name.