[Tutorial] How do I create NFT assets on BSC Network?

For each transaction on the Ethereum network, users need to pay high transaction fees. To resolve this problem, Openlake offers users a new blockchain choice—Binance Smart Chain(BSC). On BSC network, transaction fees are much lower than on Ethereum. In this tutorial, we will show you how to create NFTs via the BSC Network.


  1. Owns a valid Openlake account with a connected wallet. For more information, please go to Wallet Tutorial.
  2. Has added BSC Network to your Metamask. For more information, please go to Network Tutorial.

STEP1: Create NFT Collection via BSC Network

1.1. Click “Create”on top right, then click “Create Collection”.

1.2. Select the BSC Network.

1.3. Fill in the Collection information. For more information, please go to Collection creation Tutorial.

1.4. Confirm your Collection information, submit creation, and sign via wallet.

1.5. Collection created! You can identify the collection network through the top right label on the Collection.

Collection on the BSC Network

STEP2: Create NFTs

2.1. Go to the Collection you just created, and follow the steps in the below tutorials.