How to switch wallet address on UniSwap/PancakeSwap?

If you have more than 1 wallet address, you will need to switch to your current wallet address when using UniSwap and PancakeSwap.

Check: Switch your wallet address on UniSwap/PancakeSwap extension.

(If the wallet address does not change, continue with STEP1.)

STEP1: Check your wallet address connection.

1.1. Go to MetaMask

1.2. Click on the “Settings” label under “account”

1.3. Check if your wallet address is connected to UniSwap/PancakeSwap

1.4. If not, continue with next step

STEP2: Go to UniSwap/PancakeSwap to proceed connection.

2.1. Go to the below website



STEP3: Connect via MetaMask.

3.1. Switch to the wallet you want to connect on MetaMask

3.2. Click on “Connect” and confirm connection on the pop-out window

UniSwap Pop-out Window
PancakeSwap Pop-out Window

3.3. If there is no pop-out window, click here to proceed connection

3.4. After connection, check the “Settings” again. You will see UniSwap/PancakeSwap on it if successfully connected.