21-Year-Old Music Producer Sunny Lukas Releases Music/Video NFTs on Openlake

(Source: http://m.news.yule.com.cn/html/202107/333021.html)

Sunny Lukas

Recently, Sunny Lukas has released Music and Video NFTs through the Openlake platform(https://www.openlake.io/artist/9766684231). Sunny Lukas released the“*VIRAL* Escalator Dancing Videos | Hips Don’t Lie”, “East Meets West”, and “Sunny Lukas Discography” Collections, which includes over 20 origin songs and videos such as “Softy & Slow”, “Ring Finder”, “Miracle”, etc.

Sunny Lukas(郑卓熙) was born in Hong Kong. He is currently majoring in Music Production/Engineering and Songwriting in Berklee College of Music. Sunny masters Mandarin, English, Spanish, Cantonese, and Russian. 21 year old Sunny Lukas is a singer/songwriter/producer who has worked with Grammy award winning producer “Hitboy” & “1500 Or Nothin'”. He is also one of the top social media influencers in Hong Kong, having over 1.2 million fans on TikTok.

Sunny Lukas is professional in pop, R&B, Funk, EDM and many other music styles. In 2018, Sunny released his first personal album “Everyone ls Beautiful”, which is a collaboration with well-known Grammy musicians James Fauntleroy and Hit-Boy, mainly based on Sunny’s favorite pop and R&B music styles. Sunny’s second album “LA Kinda Way” was released in 2019, following with the third album “Miracle”. Sunny manages to finish all albums mostly on his own, demonstrating superb music literacy and ability.

Sunny’s release on Openlake has brought in heatwaves to both the music NFT and pop music fields. Openlake is an NFT marketplace headquartered in Los Angeles, California USA, with its Asian headquarter in HongKong, China. Openlake uses the smart contracts built into NFTs to help manage the rights for music. Publishing, authorship, reproduction, rental and performance rights are just some of the elements covered. Openlake has its exclusive trickle-down rights management, where secondary creations have rights auto-generated by smart contracts.

Openlake also supports cover tree of a song through smart contracts. All the secondary creations surrounding the work, including covers, adaptations, etc., are automatically generated through smart contracts to facilitate the search and traceability of the cover tree. Any music reproduction not in the cover tree is considered piracy.