Tutorial | Batch NFT Import API

Api :https://api.openlake.io/market/importtoken?network=ETH&address=YourWalletAddress&contract=YourTokenAddress

Method : GET

Return : JSON

Rate Limit : 30 times / minute per IP.

Request Parameter

networkStringyesNFT’s network: Supports ETH and BSC. ETH:Ethereum. BSC:Binance Smart Chain
addressStringyesWallet address, start with”0x”.  
contractStringyesNFT contract address, start with”0x”    


20000Success import request. Openlake will import your NFT in few minute, wait time might increase base on the quantity of the NFTs.   example : {“code”:20000}
20001Parameter error.   example :{“code”:20001, message:”….”}
20002API call limit reached.   example :{“code”:20002, message:”….”}