[Tutorials] How to list an NFT bundle ?

Openlake supports NFT bundle listing, which means you can list more than one NFTs in a single listing. Here are two conditions for NFT bundle listing. This tutorial will show how to list and unlist an NFT bundle.

Q: What is an NFT bundle?

Normally, users can sell a single NFT asset in one listing. With the bundle sale option, users can sell multiple NFT assets in the same listing, which means we only need to pay Gas Fee once for multiple assets listing.


1. Only assets created on the same blockchain can be put in the same bundle.

2. The maximum assets in a bundle is 100.

3. There is no restriction on NFT types in the bundle.

4. If you are the creator of a music/video NFT, you cannot put a single song/video in the bundle. You need to sell the Copyright NFT if you want to list it in the bundle.

5. If you purchase a single song/video, you can list it in the bundle.

· NFT Bundle Listing:

Condition 1: Already have a selected asset, but want to bundle up with other assets.

1.1. Go to “All NFTs”

1.2. Find the asset of your choice and list it

1.3. Add asset(s) to the bundle

1.4. Complete listing settings and sign via wallet

Condition 2: Random asset selection.

2.1. Go to “Bundle Sale”

2.2. Select the assets you want to put in the bundle

2.3. Complete listing settings and sign via wallet

· NFT Bundle Unlisting:

1. Go to “NFT Asset”—>”Bundle Sale”. This is where you can check your bundle listing status.

2. Click on the bundle you want to unlist

3. You will be directed to the bundle details page. Click “Unlist” to unlist bundle.