OPENLAKE Now Supports ERC1155 with BaseURI, Unlockable Content and Pre-sale

Dear Openlake Users,

Openlake will have a scheduled system upgrade on 8/26, starting at 1:00 AM PST(16:00 HKT). During the system upgrade period, if you have a service loading issue or page does not load correctly, please refresh the page or try again later.

New Features:

1. ERC-1155 Contract New Version

Openlake uses the Lazy Minting technique. All ERC-1155 contract NFTs created on Openlake will be fully minted on the blockchain after the first transaction or transfer is made on the platform, which minimizes the minting cost. Openlake upgrades the ERC-1155 smart contract to support BaseURI, and at the same time supporting the synchronization of all minted NFT data to third-party platforms, such as Opensea, Mintable, Rarible, and other NFT trading platforms.

2. Unlockable Content

Openlake now supports Unlockable Content. User can add Unlockable Content when creating an NFT. Only the current owner of the NFT has access to the Unlockable Content.

Check Unlockable Content

This function can greatly enrich the application scenarios of NFT, allowing NFT assets to be more widely used in the fields of physical commodities, financial bills, e-commerce coupons, game trading cards, etc.

3. NFT Scheduled Listing

User can set a scheduled listing for the NFT asset (Direct Buy & Auction). For example, a scheduled Christmas Sale, Promotional Sale, etc.

4. Optimize NFT Creation Process

The wizard-style process is brought into the NFT creation process, which makes the page more concise and improves user operation experience.

5. Optimize Several Pages

5.1. Artist Homepage: We add an NFT section on this page. In this section, you can view all the NFTs of the artist and see the latest updates of the artist.

5.2. Copyright NFT Listing Page: We add entries to the purchase of Single/Cover Right/Commercial Use Right NFT.

5.3. Collection Page: We add a column for NFT filtering. At the same time, a more reasonable page layout is adopted to improve page information display and enhance user experience.

6. Bug Fixed

We fixed several problems such as abnormal automatic login & abnormal time zone display.

Thank you for your support to Openlake!

Kind Regards,