OPENLAKE Now Supports Internal Messaging And IM Services

Openlake now supports internal messaging and IM services.

1. Internal Messaging

Our users can receive system events e.g. NFT Listing, NFT Transaction etc. in their messaging box with the internal messaging system. So our users won’t miss out any important event and take actions timely.

To access to the system messaging inbox, just click on the Alert icon on the top right corner of the homepage.

Internal Messaging Icon
Internal Messaging Inbox

2. Openlake IM Service

Openlake IM service supports instant messaging, offline messages, emoji, graphics and links. Users can now communicate with each other to share ideas or inspirations!

There are 2 ways to start a chart

1. Clicking on the messaging icon on the art page

2. Clicking on the messaging icon on the artist page

1.Messaging Icon
2. Messaging Icon on Artist Page
IM Service