[Tutorial] How To Make an Offer

This tutorial describes the process of making an offer on Openlake.

1. Buyer Makes an Offer

Step1. Enter Offer Page

1/ Find “Offer” button on an NFT item page and click on it.

Step2. Buyer Makes an Offer

1/ Select a crypto/token and fill in the amount.

2/ Buyer can also send a comment to Seller.

3/ Submit offer to seller

Select Crypto
Submit Offer

Step3. Check Offer Details

1/ Seller can check offer details in “Account”“Bid”“Offer Record”.

Step4. Buyer Makes Payment if Seller Accepts

Pay for your offer on Metamask

2. Completes Transaction

Step1. Seller Receives an Offer

1/ Seller receives an Offer Notification and clicks on “Offer Notifications” to check the details.

2/ Seller may also click “Account” “Bid” “Offer Record” to find all offers received.

Step2. Seller Checks Offer Details

1/ Seller can make a choice of “Counter Offer”, “Accept” or “Decline”.

Step3. Seller Accepts, Declines or Makes an Counter Offer

Seller Makes an CounterOffer

Step4. Buyer Accepts or Declines CounterOffer.

Buyer Accept CounterOffer
Make Payment from MetaMask

Step5. Check Order History

1/ You can find order history in “Account”→ “Order”→ “History”.

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