Openlake Launching China’s First 24-hour NFT Gallery

Openlake( recently announces that as part of its Metaverse plan(, it is launching China’s first 24-hour NFT gallery on September 29th at the 10th anniversary of Memory in Eastern Suburbs of Chengdu.

MEGO NFT Gallery Opening Ceremony by

The NFT gallery is located in the National Music Industrial Park in the eastern suburbs of Chengdu.It is a multi-functional NFT Gallery integrating NFT collections, original music and film, knowledge center and showcase halls.

In the NFT gallery, visitors can view the global boutique NFTs including music, video and art. At the same time, visitor can also instantly purchase or create NFT works through the devices installed inside to customize the NFT gallery with their preferences.

By combining NFT and multimedia technologies, it can create a personalized and immersive NFT center for visitors. It is bound to become another tourist destination in Chengdu.

On the opening day, it will hold a performance art exhibition of “Foolish Old Man Moving Mountains” and will release the new NFT works by China’s famous artist Huang Haiqing.  

Huang Haiqing is a famous contemporary Chinese painter. His works have been collected by Guangdong Museum of Art, Basel Museum of Contemporary Art, 53 Art Museum, South Art Museum, 21 Space Art Museum, Hong Kong Times Art Institute. Huang Haiqing’s art works are known for their “speculativeness”, combining traditional Chinese culture, philosophy and modern aesthetics to create unique modern art.