China’s First 24-Hour NFT Gallery to be unveiled on September 29th in Chengdu

China’s First NFT Gallery will be unveiled on September 29th at National Music Industrial Park in Chengdu. The NFT Gallery is jointly built by Openlake( NFT platform as part of its Metaverse Project, LakeVerse( It will provide 24-hour access for public visitors and showcase the NFT historic milestones, the NFT artists and art works. Inside the NFT gallery, there is a display wall with hundreds of QR codes with each representing one piece of important news or stories which has significantly impacted the development of NFT or MetaVerse.

The Gallery consists of 4 sections: Artist section, NFT section, LEDs section, and themed exhibition section. The artists section introduces the artists entered the NFT space and their NFT works released so far. In the LEDs section, visitors can explore the latest the NFT works and even create their own NFT works. To comply with the regulations, the NFT works in China will be issued on green blockchain networks, MEGO, without token or crypto. With the themed exhibition section, the Gallery will organize a themed exhibition every month featuring one or more artists with local art.

To tie in with the inauguration of the NFT Gallery, there will be a special NFT exhibition titled “The Foolish Old Man Who Removed the Mountains” in the gallery from September 29 to October 7, to showcase a famous Chinese artist’s NFT works.

The NFT Gallery will also work as a local cultural center to promote local culture and boost creator economy around it. It will work with artists and exhibit their works with local characteristics through the form of NFT.  With its trickle-down copyright protection technologies, the artists can enjoy life-long benefit of copyright protection of their arts, and get incentivized to create high quality works.