[Tutorial] How to start your NFT Drop on Openlake

This tutorial introduces how to start your NFT airdrop on Openlake.

1. Access NFT Drop Service Portal

1.1. Click ‘User Center’ – ‘Service’ – ‘Service Center’

1.2. Select NFT AirDrop

2. Set up NFT Drop

2.1 Select “NFT AirDrop”

2.2 Select NFT Collection for NFT AirDrop.

2.3. Add NFT(s) for the AirDrop from the NFT collection selected.

2.4 Finish other details and enter a time when the NFT drop will start.

2.5 The NFT Drop is now ready.

3. Check NFT Drops Created

You can check all the existing NFT drops from ‘User Center’ – ‘Service’ – ‘My Activity’

3.2 Click on the console to view the status of each airdrop.

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