Openlake Releases System Notification, IM Chat, Price Negotiation, and Artist Rankings

Openlake Releases System Notification, IM, NFT Offer/Negotiation, and Artist Rankings on its Web, App and H5 platorms.

  • Openlake APP/H5 Updates

1. System Notification

1.1 Description

Through system messages, users can quickly learn the NFT transaction status, receive transaction notifications and quotation notifications from the platform, and facilitate timely processing of corresponding transaction operations.

Transaction Notification
New Bid, Auction Completed,Auction Cancelled, NFT Delisting, and etc.

Offer notification
New Offer,Offer Rejected, Offer Accepted, and etc.
1.System Notification

1.2 How to Use

1/ Find IM icon on the right corner of Openlake APP/H5
2/ Click on the icon to enter the system notification window
2.System Notification Service Icon
3/  View the system notifications and IM messages.
3.System notification and IM window

2. IM Chat

2.1 Description

Openlake IM Chat allows users to communicate instantly on Openlake. 

Openlake IM Chat also supports sharing files, pictures, and links in the chat window.
4.IM Chat Window

2.2 How to Use

1/ Go to the user's profile page, click the chat button next to the user's avatar to start chatting.
(You can also turn off the IM service in your settings)
5.IM Chat Icon
2/ Sart Chatting
6.Start Chatting
3/ You can turn off the IM service in your settings. After turning it off, you will not receive private chat messages from other users.
7. Turn On/Off IM Service

3. Price Offer and Negotiation

3. 1 Description

NFT Price Offer and Negotiation allows the buyer to directly make an offer of an NFT to the seller.

The seller can choose to accept, reject or provide a new price offer.
8.Price Offer and Negotiation

3.2 How to Use

1/ On the product details page, click "Offer" button to send a quote for the product.
9.Make Offer Button
2/ Send an offer to the seller and complete the signature confirmation in the wallet
10. Confirm Signature
3/ After completing the signature confirmation, the seller receives the quotation and can negotiate the quotation
11. Price Negotiation Window

4. Artist Rankings

Users can click the Rankings icon on the Openlake APP to view the rankings
12. Rankings Icon
13. Rankings

5. Other Updates

1. Added game center
2. Improved algorithm for better query efficiency
3. Added more information of NFT collections
4. Overall performance improvement and some bug fixes

  • Openlake Web Updates

1. System Notification

Click on the notification icon on top right corner of account page to view all system notifications

14. System Notification Icon
15. System Notification Window

2. IM Chat Service

Click on the IM icon besides a user to start chat

15. IM Chat Icon

3. Artist Rankings

View artist rankings on the homepage

16. Artist Rankings

4. Add Floor and Ceiling prices to Artist Profile(Volume, Floor Price etc.)

17. Add More Stat to Artist Profile