Openlake Launches Advertising Service

Openlake is excited to announce the launch of the advertising service on our platform, allowing project owners to promote their NFT projects with our flexible rental spaces.

Google Play:

Advertising Service
How to promote your NFT/Collection with advertising service

1. Advertisement
Go to Home->Service->Advertising->Details

Platform Service
Service Description

2. Select Ad Space
Select an ad space and date to rent

Select Delivery Position
Select Display Order
Pay Rental Fee

3. Ad Settings
It’s important to upload your ad for review 7 days before the delivery date to make sure there is enough time to complete the review.

My Ad List
Upload Ad Banner
Set Target
Submit for Review

4.Ad Delivery
Add to delivery queue after ad is approved

Ad Ready to Deliver

5.Advertising Performance
The calculation rules are as follows:
1) Every time the user views an ad, the number of ad impressions +1

2) Every time the user views an ad and clicks to enter the landing page, the number of ad impressions +1 and the number of clicks +1

3) Conversion rate = number of clicks / number of impressions

Ad Details
Ad Delivery Demo
Ad Stat