Debase(Openlake) Joins AWS Activate Program for Startups

Debase, an open web3 platform, is announcing our acceptance to the AWS Activate Program for technology startups. This program provides eligible startups with valuable resources for working with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Since its launch, Activate has enrolled more than 200,000 startups and invested more than $5 billion in startups.

Our participation in AWS Activate will help us build world-class infrastructure and performance to serve our users globally. With the AWS Activate program,  Debase will have access to the resources and expert support to grow and scale our platform at a faster pace. The AWS Activate program members include Stripe, Coinbase, Airbnb,  DoorDash, and Webflow etc. 

Debase is thrilled to be part of the Activate program and will continue to serve our users with the best quality of services.