Debase(Openlake) Joins AWS Activate Program for Startups

Debase(Openlake) Joins AWS Activate Program for Startups

Debase, an open web3 platform, is announcing our acceptance to the AWS Activate Program for technology startups. This program provides eligible startups with valuable resources for working with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Since its launch, Activate has enrolled more than 200,000 startups and invested more than $5 billion in startups. Our participation in AWS Activate will help us [...]

Openlake Launches Advertising Service

Openlake is excited to announce the launch of the advertising service on our platform, allowing project owners to promote their NFT projects with our flexible rental spaces. Web/H5:https://openlake.ioAndroid:https://app.openlake.ioGoogle Play: Advertising Service How to promote your NFT/Collection with advertising service 1. AdvertisementGo to Home->Service->Advertising->Details Platform Service Service Description 2. Select Ad SpaceSelect an ad space and [...]

Solana is now live

Openlake officially launches Solana network support. Web: APP: Solana is now live 1. Solana Wallets Openlake now supports wallets including Solflare、Sollet、Phantom、Slope、Solong、Coin98、and Clover etc. to connect to Solana network. 2. Metaplex Protocol Openlake supports Metaplex protocol which is widely adopted by Solana eco. 

Openlake Releases System Notification, IM Chat, Price Negotiation, and Artist Rankings

Openlake Releases System Notification, IM, NFT Offer/Negotiation, and Artist Rankings on its Web, App and H5 platorms. Openlake APP/H5 Updates 1. System Notification 1.1 Description Through system messages, users can quickly learn the NFT transaction status, receive transaction notifications and quotation notifications from the platform, and facilitate timely processing of corresponding transaction operations. Transaction Notification [...]

Openlake releases GameFI Portal, Rankings and optimized login process

Openlake releases GameFI Portal, Rankings and optimized login process. Web:https://www.openlake.ioApp: 1. GameFI Portal GameFI Portal GameFI Details 2. GameFI Rankings GameFI Rankings 3. Login Process Before Login After Login 4.Filter Filter Page Other Updates: 1. Add “Official” and “Market” tags to the NFT list 2. Optimize NFT filter conditions 3. Optimize filter conditions of NFT [...]

Boost NFT Sales with Openlake’s Free NFT Drop Service

Boost NFT Sales with Openlake’s Free NFT Drop Service

Open now supports NFT airdrop service that project owners can use to create NFT airdrops without any charge! Openlake NFT Drop Service is now Live 1、How to use NFT Drop 1.1. Click 'User Center'-'Service'-'Service Center' 1.2. Select NFT AirDrop Service 2、Rich and flexible NFT Drop Configurations NFT project owner can set the airdrop conditions (tasks), [...]

JingCulture | The NFT Showcase That Doesn’t Sleep: Inside Openlake’s 24-Hour NFT Gallery In Chengdu

Source: China's first NFT gallery that's open round the clock wants to deepen visitors' understanding of crypto art and the metaverse. Image: Openlake NFTs and metaverses never sleep, so why should a venue dedicated to showcasing them? That’s a cornerstone belief behind The NFT Gallery, which opened in Chengdu’s National Music Industrial Park in late [...]

Openlake NFT Marketplace is Live on Polygon

Openlake NFT Marketplace is Live on Polygon We are excited to announce that Openlake NFT marketplace is live on Polygon. Openlake is always committed to the best user experience. With Polygon, our users can now enjoy the low transaction fee and other extensive possibilities brought by the Polygon integration. Although NFT market is still at [...]