How do I transfer assets?

Find the asset you want to transfer and click “Transfer”. 2. Select the address you want to transfer your asset to. If you do not have any address or want to add another address, click on “Add New Address”. 3. You will be directed to “Transfer White List”. Please add your transfer address here. 4. Go [...]

What is asset transfer?

Asset transfer refers to transferring NFT assets from one account to another. Notice: You need to pay transaction fees to the blockchain during this process. Openlake will not charge you any service fee.

Where can I track my trade activities?

You can check your trade details in “Account”→ “Auction”, “Order”, and “Bid”, respectively. Auction: You can check the bid details of your ongoing and completed auctions. This is where you can check and accept auction bids. (For sellers) Order: You can check all trade details of your buy orders and sell orders. Bid: You can check [...]

What is the NFT (URL) link?

NFT link is the URL containing the details (e.g. 4k image or item description) of your NFT asset. Adding an NFT link will help buyers know more about your NFT asset. You can edit this information in your NFT asset settings page.

What is Royalty?

Openlake rewards a commission to every referral purchase. The commission is based on the final trade price of an NFT item. Openlake settles the commission directly to the referrer’s wallet every 14 days to reduce the transaction cost. The commission or royalty rate can be set or modified at  “Account”→ “My Collections”. Click on the [...]

What are the auction rules?

On Openlake, we use the English Auction system. Here are a few things we want you to know about how an auction works. Bid Placement: Open the item details page of an on auction item, click “Bid Now”. Wallet signature is required for placing a bid. You can place multiple bids on the same item. Bid [...]

I have NFTs from other platforms, can I list them on Openlake?

Yes, you can transfer or sell any ERC721 NFTs purchased or created from other platforms. Go to Register for an Openlake account first, and connect your wallet containing ERC721 NFTs with your Openlake account. Openlake will instantly synchronize ERC721 NFTs in your wallet and add them in your Openlake account. Contracts and detailed info subjected [...]

How do I promote and share items?

Open the item details page, then click on “Share Now”. You can share via a link or a poster. Besides sharing your own items, you can also share other sellers’ items and earn commissions.